June 17, 2020

What is Salvation’s Well?

As it states on this website’s About page, “Salvation’s Well is an artistic playground exploring the wonders of the universe (often combined with science fiction and faith), interpreted by original synthesized and hybrid-orchestral music by Peter Vantine.” Simply stated (as if that wasn’t simple enough?), this is a place where I can share music that doesn’t really fit in with my other musical pursuits while enjoying my own interest in all things related to the universe.

I do not claim to be an expert in any field of science, nor am I an expert in faith matters, but I have discovered a growing desire to explore the connection between the two. Maybe you’re like me when you look up at the stars, or see a photo or an artistic rendering of some far away nebula, or watch a science-fiction movie or documentary about outer space . . . you feel that child-like sensation of wonderment and awe cascade over you like a refreshing tropical waterfall. Okay, maybe you’re not like me. But if you are, you know the feeling and perhaps you’ll find something of interest here.

This wonderment inspires me to write and record music that interprets what I see or feel. I tend to go back to synthesized-based music when “noodling” with new music ideas based on astronomical imagery and thought. This is the kind of music I grew up on as I developed an interest in things “out there,” listening to Tomita, Vangelis, Wendy Carlos, Tangerine Dream, Lyle Mays, Emerson Lake & Palmer, mixed with Copland, Debussy, Glass, Holst, Moussorgsky, Ravel, and John Williams (and much more).

Today, Hybrid-Orchestral Music has become a thing, and I love it! The combination of traditional orchestral instruments with synthesizers is the niche I’ve been waiting for all these years. I still have much to learn; after all being a musician is being a life-long learner. But I have found a place to hang my musical hat, at least for a time, and spend some creative moments in this “artistic playground.”

Why “Salvation’s Well” for a name? A big part of who I am comes from my faith in God, or rather the faith He puts in me. I often turn to the Bible for inspiration, both spiritually and musically. In Isaiah, chapter 12, God shares this promise he makes with His people: “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation” (verse 3). I love that imagery! A well is a place we go for refreshment, for sustenance, to quench our thirst and provide life-sustaining water for our bodies. To me, “Salvation’s Well” conjures up similar imagery, except having to do with our souls rather than our bodies. In other words, the “water” we draw from God’s “wells of salvation” will refresh our minds, provide sustenance for our spirit, quench our thirst for God’s love and provide everlasting life-sustaining JOY for our souls. Wow, that’s so cool! When I spend time pondering things of the universe, I can’t help but feel I am dipping my toe in Salvation’s Well.

All that being said, I hope you enjoy looking around, listening, watching, following and engaging with future dialogues. Please be kind if I make a mistake or don’t have all the facts straight. I’ll do my best, but I am still only human. In the meantime, seek the wonder in your life and embrace it!


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