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We Are Constantly Bombarded by Cosmic Rays!

I first heard of cosmic rays last year while listening to a Radiolab podcast titled “Bit Flip”, produced by Jad Albumrad. The premise sounded completely far-fetched, as if from a 1950s Science Fiction B-film (insert Theremin music here), but these are not the type of “rays” one would think ...

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Science and God

Over the years there have been many discussions and debates about the origins of life and the universe, whether there is an “intelligent designer” or if everything has just randomly come from nothing. I understand the reasoning behind both viewpoints, and it could very well be that my faith is ...

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The Evolution of Space Music

Space Music is one of those genres that evolved out of the Ambient Music movement and gradually became a sub-genre of New Age Music, mainly because of its relaxed, mesmerizing tone and use of synthesized drones and pads. You would often hear it used in planetarium presentations or as background mus...

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What Will the Next Spaceship Look Like?

When I was a kid, I used to love taking books out of the library that had to do with the study of the universe. Most books of this type at the time (c. 1970s) often had a chapter near the end devoted to the future of space travel filled with artistic renderings of what it might look like in the 199...

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NASA Image and Video Library

During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, NASA made their image and video library fully public. What a wealth of fascinating information and images! Since NASA is a government agency, all their material is in the public domain. This has allowed me to incorporate some of their material in with my v...

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The Universe Could Be Flat!

I came across an article recently about a group of folks who vehemently believe the earth is flat. Really?! In full disclosure, I haven’t read much about this hypothesis. But it seems all current scientific knowledge, backed up by photos and videos taken from space, points to a spherical design. ...

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What is Salvation’s Well?

As it states on this website’s About page, “Salvation's Well is an artistic playground exploring the wonders of the universe (often combined with science fiction and faith), interpreted by original synthesized and hybrid-orchestral music by Peter Vantine.” Simply stated (as if that wasn’t si...

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